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Belly2Abs Fitness®

Belly2Abs combines bellydancing movements with strength training, shaping your low-mid upper abdominal, as well as thighs and arms. In just a few weeks, you will begin to transform your body and will gain more flexibility. The exercise program blends aerobics, weights, waist trimmers and bellydance techniques. Belly2Abs is truly a fun, easy to follow routine with an individualized intensity level.

Belly2Abs is a 60 minute class that is divided into (3) segments: A 15 minute warm up-stretching techniques involving some yoga and breathing exercises.Followed by a 30 minute work-out with 1-2lbs weights, and a waist trimmer. This workout incorporates bellydance movements which target your stomach (waist) thighs, arms and legs. Ending with a 15 minute self confidence exercise. Empowering your soul, exercising the beauty within you. Followed by some mediation and self-assuring phrases.

What to wear:

Please make sure you come comfortable. No jewelry is advised. Changing rooms available, and a bottle water is encouraged.

  • Fitted clothes (yoga pants, crop top)
  • Coin belt
  • Sneakers are optional
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