Bellydance Programs


Belly dance is primarily a torso-driven dance, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips.[2] Unlike many Western dance forms, the focus of the dance is on relaxed, natural isolations of the torso muscles, rather than on movements of the limbs through space. Although some of these isolations appear superficially similar to the isolations used in jazz ballet, they are often driven differently and have a different feeling or emphasis, which is usually more subtle and contained.

What to wear:

Please make sure you come comfortable. No jewerly is adviced. Changing rooms available, and a bottle water is encouraged.

    • Fitted clothes (yoga pants, crop top)
    • Coin belt (can be purchased at the studio)
    • Should bring a veil and finger cymbals to class, Can purchase these things at the studio
    • Lyrical shoes recommended (can purchase at the studio)


Bellydance 8 week Beginner Course:

October: Sundays 12pm-1pm
(Starts October 5th-Nov 23rd)

October: Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm
(Starts October 28th-Dec 16th)

October: Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm
(Starts October 29-Dec 17th)

Bellydance 8 week Beginner II Schedule : Course after the beginner course

October: Sundays 12pm-1pm
(Starts October 5th-Nov 23rd)

October: Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm
(Starts October 29-Dec 17th)

*if you miss the first class of start day you may still be able to register for the course! email us at or call/text 786-768-3690* 

Belly2Abs Bellydance Programs
Our Belly2Abs Bellydance Method has been created with the student in mind. A collaboration of dancers and instructors have created these wonderful classes and they have been structured to better educate the student on this art form.

8 Week Beginner Course: In 8 weeks the student will learn the fundamentals of Bellydance. Movement concepts, posture.

8 Week Beginner II Course: Once the student learned the basics in the previous 8 weeks, we will then polish the learned moves. Student will also learn more complex moves that require practice and comprehension. In addition, we will incorporate combinations with traveling steps and a complete foot/arm technique methodology.

4 Week Beginner Introduction to 1.5: This class will serve as a bridge to the open 1.5 level. You will work highly on finger cymbals (zills) some veil work and technique. A question-answer class series that will be tailored to the groups needs.

*After you have completed these three courses, you will now have access to our ON-GOING 1.5 classes, this means that you can jump into any 1.5 classes we have available (no courses,) and we encourage you to attend to as many workshops, and class series, in order to move to our Intermediate classes. How will you move? The director will personally give you the go, on a one to one chat. So expect that at any given moment, when the director approaches you and gives you the “OK” to take intermediate classes. We, the staff at Belly2Abs works very closely with each student, and we have great communication when it comes to moving and pushing our students further.

1.5 Beginner Level: (on-going class) In this class the student will learn how to bridge moves, and add fluidity to traveling steps and more basic/1.5 techniques. Finger cymbals will be added.

Bellydance Intermediate Program: (on going) the student will have an option to take classes on each particular on-going classes offered throughout the week, please see  below:

       Technique Classes: these classes are designed to further disect the fundamental      in technique and learn more complex moves.

       Combinations Classes: these classes are designed to teach the student  transitional moves, turns, and the basic musicality. Rhythms will also be introduced as well as the use of finger cymbals (zills)

       Layering Moves Classes: these classes are geared towards all the diffrent aspects of layering. Layering techniques, isolations, and transional moves and traveling steps.

During the course of your classes we will also have 4 or 8 week courses designed to further teach the student. Please see below:

҉Props 8 week class series: (8 week class series) the student will learn the art of a particular prop.  Pre-requisite: student must have finished 8 week course, and approved by 1.5 beginner level instructor to join the intermediate program.

҉Specialty 4 or 8 week class series: 4-8 week class series) the student will learn a specialty, such as Rythymology (class series on rhythyms) Stage and theater production skills, etc., Pre-requisite: student must have finished 8 week course, and approved by 1.5 beginner level instructor to join the intermediate program.

Bellydance Advance/Pro Program: (on going) the student will have an option to take classes on each particular on-going course below:

       Combination Classes: the advance student will learn a variety of more advanced commbinations, some with the usage of props.

       Choreography Classes: these classes are given by a variety of teachers all with different styule and flair, which will further educate the student with all the different styles and variety offered.

Advance pro:
Advance usage of finger cymbals are introduced, as well as deep understanding of musicality.

Belly2Abs Performing Group:
This is not a “performing troupe” but an opportunity to perform in groups or as solos at our student showcases, corporate events, gigs, etc., Attention: the Belly2Abs Performing Group is not open for auditions, but we rather hand pick and approach dancers for this group