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At the helm of Belly2Abs is Adriana, the instructor and inspirational poetess. After completing teaching stints in Europe and the Caribbean, the twenty-plus-year dancing dynamo founded Belly2Abs to help others uncover their own abilities. Adriana’s roles are fascinating; Adriana published her first book “A Tangled Heart” in 2003, winning the Editors Choice Award for Poetry in 2004, Adriana published her second book “I Chose to be Happy, A journey. A decision. A lifestyle” in 2010. In addition to being the founder of the first bellydance school of Ireland she has also traveled intensively reaching out to other women, inducing them with the passion for bellydance, and empowering women all over the world.

Adriana also sits on the board of MEDE (Middle Eastren Dance Exchange) which she is extremely involved and devotes her time to non for profits like: Camillus House, Kristi’s House as well as her own organization which currently provides aids to third world countries.

She opened her first wellness studio in Curacao 2003, and in Ireland 2006. Adriana has traveled and lived in many places in the world, transmitting her love for the dance. Creator of Belly2Abs for fitness, producer, and choreographer. Adriana’s experience and integrity in this art has made her a well-rounded dancer, teacher, and entrepreneur. Her classes are energetic, and passionate. She believes every woman is a dancer, its just a matter of having the right teacher.



Anaizh Huma has been teaching the art of BELLY DANCING for the past 9 years. She began her dancing career at the Mideastern Dance Exchange with the legendary master teacher, Tamalyn Dallal, continued to study with Bellydance Superstar, Bozenka, and then joined the MEDE Performing Company for two years. Her teaching style is upbeat, innovative, and thorough while providing tips to polish one’s technique. She enjoys introducing fusions like Belly Salsa, Arabeton, and Tribal to make class HIP-notic! Anais has studied under Master teachers such as Raquia Hassan, Rachel Brice, and renowned choreographer, Yousry Sharif.


Belly2Abs Fitness ® Certified Instructor, Bellydancer, Flamenco Artist

Bela’s captivating and artistic performances are a masterful blending of the classical dance genres and Oriental dance genres. Bela’s creative ability to express the emotional nuances of this art is what won her First Place for the “Rising Star” category at the 2008 Miami Bellydance Convention, where she will perform again this year. Bela began training at an early age with Classical Ballet, Spanish Dances, Salsa, and Cuban Dance and was accepted into Alvin Ailey School’s Summer Intensive Program in 2003. She studied for several years with Martha Mahr. Bela also studied Spanish Dance for over ten years with world-renown instructors including Rosita Segovia, Rosa Mercedes, Cristina Masdueo, Ada Linares, and Clarita Filgueiras, and ballet and Cuban dance with Elena del Cueto.

She performed in the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker in 2002, the Harlem Ballet Theatre’s production of Firebird in 2003 and in Magic Kingdom and Islands of Adventure theme parks in Orlando, Florida. From there she continued to participate in several Ballet and Modern dance performances at the University of Miami with professors Gilberto Almaguer and Katherine Londono. Bela has studied belly dance with many internationally recognized performers, and performed as a member of the Dreams Bellydance Company appearing in many large-scale theatre productions, for thier developing her skills as a seasoned artist and choreographer. Bela is a certified Belly2Abs Fitness Master Instructor.


ATS ® Certified Instructor

Carla fell in love with belly dance in 2001 when she enrolled in a level 1 class at Mid Eastern Dance Exchange with Tamalyn Dallal. She continued to study on and off throughout the coming years and in 2010 found a new passion: American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion belly dance!

Under the tutelage of Alina of Lotus Dance Studio and Adhara Hernandez, also of Lotus, Carla fell in love with the strong, fluid grace and comradery of ATS®. In June of 2012, Carla became General Skills and Teacher Training 1 certified by Carolena Nericcio, creator of ATS® and director of Fat Chance Belly Dance, and Megha Gavin of Devyani Dance Company.

With her Sister Studio status, Carla teaches American Tribal Style® Level 1 at Lotus Dance Studio in Pembroke Pines, FL and is a member of Tribu Na’al Gonah under the directorship of Adhara Hernandez.


Bellydancer & Flamenco Artist and Instructor

Denise’s professional experience starts as a Flamenco Instructor in the “Academia Las Lizarraga” 1996 – 2001

Director and Instructor of the

“Academia de Danzas del Medio Oriente Denise Centeno” 2004 – 2010

Bellydance Instructor in the “Art of Bellydance” 2011

Flamenco Instructor in the “Furia Flamenca” 2011 – 2012

Flamenco Instructor in the “Utopia Performing Arts Academy” 2012

Dance Experience:



Middle Eastern Artist Instructor and Master Choreographer

Francesca Sahar is the quintissensial Egyptian Style bellydancer. With over 10 years of experience in the art of Oriental dance, her artistic voice is distinct and she synthesizes all the technical mastery and emotional, creative depth to make her a true artist.

“She is definitely one to watch”

“Francesca Sahar, a seasoned international performer, choreographer and instructor, inspired in her many travels to Egypt. She is an extremely skilled choreographer, expressive dancer, and specializes in the Egyptian style. Sahar started her training in the Mideastearn Dance Exchange and has been teaching since 2002 and is currently involved in the local community performing, teaching and choreographing for private as well as charitable events.


Middle Eastern Artist and Master Teacher

Drawing from an extensive technical background in acting, writing, contemporary and ethnic dance coupled with her diverse ethnic make-up and global experience, hanan is one of the most unique and compelling Middle Eastern dancers in America today. Hanan has proven to be an avant-garde and non-conformist artist in the Middle Eastern dance arena. For this reason, the Miami Herald describes her as “ [a] dominant voice in contemporary dance here”. The Miami Herald has also described her as “bold”, “charismatic”, “eclectic” and a dancer that possesses “powerful body and skill”.

Encuentro Magazine from Madrid, Spain described her “as a dancer that comes from where one can touch the rooftop of the world.” Yousry Sharif, Artistic Director of the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance in New York City, says “[hanan] can easily pass as a native dancer [Egypt].” “This is no easy task.” Inspired by her experiences training and performing in Egypt, Hanan’s 2001 production of hanan with other friendly gods and goddesses, a show which exposes and exorcised the theme of female circumcision in the Middle East, was included in the Miami Herald’s “Top 10 Shows of the Year”.

Hanan is also an accomplished teacher. Her instruction style is holistic; focusing on the dancer’s internal process of self-discovery and reliance, challenging the pupil to dig deeper into the space of creation while acquiring technical precision. Disappointed by the commercial prevalence of the genre, Hanan created the Dance Empowerment Project and changed the focus of her teaching and performance career to address issues of social consciousness, activism and positive change. The DEP is a mind, body and soul approach to Middle Eastern dance. Through various grants and partnerships with non-for-profit organizations, Hanan uses Middle Eastern dance to promote healing and recovery to adult survivors of child sexual abuse, victims and survivors of domestic battery (Safespace) and incarcerated women at the Dade County Correctional Facility among other diverse populations. She has also had programs for at-risk and adjudicated girls through the AYUDA center in Miami Beach and the Dominican American National Foundation in Allapattah. Hanan has decades of teaching experience through Florida International University, Miami-Dade Wolfson, The Mideastern Dance Exchange, the Miami Light Project/Lightbox, Bellymotions, Bozenka’s Bellydance Academy and Belly2abs studios. International residencies include Buenos Aires, Argentina through Amir Thaleb’s


Bollywood Instructor, Artist & Entertainer

“One can dance even though there is no music”. Born June 1987 in Miami, Florida Ms. Shah began her dance career at the little age of seven at a local temple function. She then started to train in Bharata Natyam (Indian Classical dance) as a hobby in 1995, which has become her foundation for dance. From then on it has been journey for her as she started her own Indian dance team in high school, joined Nova Southeastern’s Bhangra and Raas state team to compete against many state universities, danced in modern contemporary shows at Nova Southeastern University, choreographed and performed at many weddings and parties, and taught Zumba at her local gym. Alongside Bollywood dance, Ms. Shah has also studied Argentinean tango, belly dance, modern dance, and afro modern. Ms. Shah is currently teaching Bollywood classes in Davie & Coconut Grove and performs actively with Disney World as hrad choreographer in Bollywood styles.


Bellydance instructor & Belly2Abs ®Certified Instructor

Nur Ayubi was born in Medellin Colombia. She began her bellydance training at the Mideastern Dance Exchange under the direction of the talented Tamalyn Dallal. Her main teachers include Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, Maria Jamal, Irene, Yousry Sharif, Francesca and Adriana Echeverry.

Recently she add flamenco and tango to her education, which in combination with her salsa dance training helps her take the dance to a present–day level while preserving the character of her traditional bellydance schooling.

She is a true believer of the mission statement of Belly2abs, of empower and inspire women to help them achieve a higher state of happiness and well being thru dance


Middle Eastern Dancer, Instructor and Choreographer

Born of Cuban parents with Spanish and Lebanese background, Roshana started belly dancing under the instruction of Tamalyn Dallal at the Mid Eastern Dance Exchange, and continued her training with many world renowned dancers both locally and abroad. Roshana has performed internationally in Asia, Canada, and Egypt and was the first American belly dancer to perform Tribal Fusion style in Cairo. Roshana is the First Place Winner of the 2008 Miami Bellydance Convention’s Professional Raks Sharqi Competition, and has appeared in local and international media, such as television, magazines, and music videos.To learn more about Roshana please visit:

Roshan is a passionate dancer with en exquisite charisma. Her trainning in this art has made her into a young and beautiful artist in South Florida.


Bellydance Instructor

1240599_10153214035125112_401481808_nValerick Molinary started ballet, jazz and acrobatics at nine years old. From the moment she took her first belly dance class with her mentor Sandra Barreras at thirteen, Valerick became fully dedicated to the study of oriental dance. At fifteen, she took her first workshop with Yousry Sharif in Puerto Rico, changing her oriental dance perspective. She has been mostly focused on Egyptian style and travels annually to New York to participate at Nourhan Sharif events. In 2007 she spent six months taking classes in Madrid where she studied with Samara el Hayat. After her stay, she traveled to Morocco and Tunisia as part of the “Encounter of Moorish Studies” with the University of Puerto Rico. She also got the opportunity to study with outstanding Egyptian teachers such as Mahmoud Reda, Tito, Lubna, Hassan Affifi and Nervein.

While completing her BA with a major on Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico in 2009, she studied modern dance with the acclaimed choreographer Petra Bravo. In September of that same year, Valerick won the Professional Competition of the Miami Belly Dance Convention. In 2010 she got the Second place in the Rakstar Professional competition produced by Virginia Mendez and the People’s Choice Award. Valerick recently relocated to Miami to be part of the Dreams Bellydance Academy directed by Nathalie Zarathe.


Queen of Raks Sharki 2011
Rakstar 2010 2nd place
Rakstar 2010 People’s Choice Award
Miami Bellydance Convention Professional Category 2009.

Alicia BellyCraft

BellyCraft-Tribal Fusion Dance Teacher

alicia_b2aA versatile and innovative artist by nature, this beautiful and mesmerizing second generation bellydancer has enchanted audiences worldwide as a performer and teacher with a style and approach that delivers power, drama, and intensity on stage as much as she inspires and instructs with fun, laughter and joy off stage.

Performing under her mother’s tutelage at age seven, she remains grateful of the fortunate childhood she had surrounded by Middle Eastern music and world dance simultaneously integrated into the eclectic “soundtrack” of her childhood. As a young adult, she would be drawn to the emerging new wave of music and fashion of the eighties and early nineties and her dancing would be both inspired and transformed by the alternative club scene that became her artistic source of inspiration through her youth. Those years would also later inspire her trend setting dance company’s, gothic industrial style and intensity.

In 2003 Alicia would return to her roots in traditional bellydance as a student, performer, and eventually a teacher for the prestigious Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange in Miami Beach under the legendary Tamalyn Dallal. It wouldn’t be long before she discovered Tribal Fusion Bellydance and make travelling a priority to attend as many seminars, workshops, intensives and privates as she could. She would dedicate herself fully to its approach and artistic freedom and to this day continues to learn from both its originators and its pioneering innovators including Rachel Brice and Amy Sigil.

Her video collection of stage performances over the years, many available on line, showcase her passion to challenge herself as a soloist to a variety of musical influence and her company’s original trend setting performance in 2007 would be one of many to equally express her talents for choreography and bring her national attention. Soon afterwards Alicia and her dance partner, Heather, were hired to represent gothic bellydance in World Dance New York’s Fantasy Tarot show and DVD production in 2008 as the Hanged Man. In 2010 due to circumstances as life would have them, Alicia would retire BellyCraft as a company to pursue her own BellyCraft as a soloist and teacher. Just recently, her powerful and captivating approach as a soloist led her to be cast a goddess in Toronto’s one of a kind theatrical event, “Land of the Eternals”, which featured dancers, an Olympic medalist, and famous figure skaters on pic skates in a mythic tale of Celtic based folklore.

Alicia currently teaches her unique, challenging, fun and very rewarding approach to bellydance in South Florida at our studio and continues to share her BellyCraft worldwide via workshops, seminars and performances..

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