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Rappers and their relation ; VTEN, DONG, SACAR, SMOKIE. - The Hiphop ZoneAs a result of these reforms, the Kosovo police changed from mostly Serbs to Albanians and many Serbs lost their jobs. Much of the fighting in Croatia and Bosnia was between the Serbs who were not happy with independence from Yugoslavia. On 21 May 2006, Montenegro held a referendum on independence and the following day 55.4% had voted for it. Of course Albanian is spoken in the south and in Kosovo. Talks are going on between Serbia and Kosovo with the help of the EU in Brussels. Vóvaidín takes up a third part of the country from the north and is located on the Pannonian Plain of central Europe. Located between Central and Southern Europe, Serbia is located on the Balkan peninsula and the Pannonian Plain. Belo Jezero is the largest lake, located in Vóvadin, 25 cm² and Jelovarnik is the highest waterfall at 71 meters in Kopaonik. The Šar Mountains form the border between Kosovo and Albania, with Đeravica being the highest mountain at 2656 meters. Mount Midžor is the highest point in eastern Serbia at 2156 m.

Balam, perrito rescatista halló un sobreviviente entre los escombros en Turquía Animal farming is mainly in Raškoj and eastern Serbia. They also mainly drink alcohol, especially rakía (rakija), distilled from certain fruits and found throughout the region. In almost every year from the end of the 17th century to the end of the 20th century, more people left the city than entered. In 1997 Adidas built a corporate integrated design onto their old logo. In 1903, after the May Break, the Karađorđević Clan took power. Nikola Pašić, as prime minister was involved in most of the government until his death in 1926. After the assassination of Stjepan Radić in 1928, King Alexander changed the name of the country to Yugoslavia. Alexander was succeeded by his son Peter II, he was 11 years old, however, and so a viceroyalty under Prince Paul was in charge. To support its ally, Russia mobilized its soldiers, so Germany declared war on Russia to support Austria-Hungary and so on and the first world war began. Cutlery was also an important product, but today, the country's important cutlery firms, such as Fiskars in Tampere and Marttiini, have moved much of the work abroad in search of lower costs.

Éasca Péasca: \ In addition to those there were important poets such as Milan Rakić, Jovan Dučić, Desanka Maksimović, Miodrag Pavlović, Vladislav Petković Dis, Branko Miljković, Vasko Popa. These were the poets who created mythological stories that form an integral part of Dundalk history. Mount Tara in western Serbia is one of the last regions in Europe where bears live completely free. Serbia is one of the most religiously mixed countries in Europe. In general, religion is very important to the nationalism of the region and the country and the Orthodox Church is sometimes involved in the political affairs of the country. There was a certain tension between him and Tito le Kardelj with his ideas about nationalism and centralization as well. There are many team games, most of which are played somewhere in Ireland. Kosovo has the largest lignite site in Europe. More than 30% of Serbia is covered by forests. Water production is still important, as is the tourism business. Today there are approximately 1,185 Serbian Jews. The club was first assembled in Caracas, but moved to Maracay in 2002, located in the state of Aragua.